Newest reindeer hides available!

Winter is coming? No worries, we are prepared. This year you can start decorating your home for Christmas early. Or plan your gifts way in advance.

We’ve added over 100 new reindeer hides to our shop at UnitedBargains. Make sure to have some snacks near you before you start browsing, it may take a while 🙂 .


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New arrivals: Spring 2016

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Have a look at our latest additions in Gotland and Icelandic sheepskins! A couple of brand new reindeer hides are also available.

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Our sheepskins at Tweed Yourself


Let us introduce one of our customers: Tweed Yourself.

They are small company from Scotland that makes those cute footstools:

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More products at:

We are happy that our products are being used in such creative ways.

We are looking forward to see more photos from our customers. If anyone wants to share a nice photo featuring our products don’t hesitate to send it to us!

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Autumn Promotion


Just to let you know we have cut prices on many throws!

Check it out here:

Most of the products will be available at the reduced price until end of October 2015.

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We are launching a new website!



Hello everybody!

We are currently launching a brand new website Cuddly Dreams All genuine fur throws and blankets that we used to sell on Unitedbargains will be available there.

At Unitedbargains we will be focusing on providing a dazzling selection of sheepskin rugs as well as reindeer and other hides. Feel free to comment on our new website and make sure you check our newest additions to Cuddly Dreams catalog!


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New products available!

Ramlamb no. 114367-00009 (Official Danish animal register)

We are happy to introduce a new range of products in our store: Gotland Sheepskin Rugs.

Rare and exceptionally beautiful, these swedish sheepskins come many shades of grey. Their naturally curly, lustrous hair is silky soft and warm.

Gotland sheep pelts are well known for their superior quality. They are very strong and durable. They can be machine washed, up to 30° C, or hand washed. Not suitable for tumble drying.

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Our rugs made it to blogosphere!

It  is so nice to see our products out there in the world…

Apartmentf15 has written a nice post mentioning our sheepskins. And a wonderful photo!

Check it out:

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Christmas Promotion

Fancy 5% discount on shopping at UB Fur & Leather? No problem!

We prepared a special offer for this holiday season. Just grab the code here:

Have a lovely Christmas!!!

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A fur blanket for babies can stop allergies

According to some scientists babies exposed to real fur have a much higher chance to avoid risk of asthma.

Sleeping newborn infant

It has been known for some time that human’s immune system goes through “training” of sorts during infancy. Apparently, if  babies are isolated and kept in completely sterile environment their immune systems don’t learn proper reactions to all kinds of substances and microbes, which results in allergies later.

Here is the link to the article:

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Sheepskin rugs – big come back!

If you feel that sheepskin rugs are a thing from the eighties think again!

We have found a nice post on showing sheepskins are great, versatile addition to your home. Just have a look at those nice, fluffy rugs:

White sheepskin rug

White sheepskin rug in the garden

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